Customer Service

One (if not) the most important factors in buying a computer system is the level and standard of support you will get once your system is up and running.

All too often we hear of nightmare stories where after sales support is just not up to scratch and you are left waiting for call backs from people who are busy doing other things (or even on holiday) !

Here at Mainline we recognise that not everyone is a computer expert and that after sales support is of key importance to you.

When your STi system is installed you will automatically get three months free support and updates.

After the three months you will be sent a reminder that your free support and update period has expired.

Email Support

Telephone Support
Telephone support available on +44 (0)113 2642494

Mondays to Thursday 9.30am - 5.00pm GMT

Fridays                         9:30am - 4:00 GMT

Excluding UK Bank Holidays.
When I am on holiday or out of the office contact Alan on 07950 792632 or email

Download your copy of the "Software Maintenance Plan".

This is the agreement you are accepting when you pay your annual STi support and update invoice.