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The prices below do not apply to support paying customers valid from  1st January 2014.

Non-support paying customers STi© & StarTurn© price guide.

Replacement install CD £ 23.00 + VAT

Assistance to install 1st PC £ 85.00 + VAT every other PC £45.00 + VAT.

STi© Database Repair £150.00 + VAT minimum cost.

StarTurn© Data Repair £150.00 + VAT minimum cost.

Phone & "Remote" support £ 2.50 + VAT a minute rounded up to the next 15 Minute interval.

Non-Support payers update and catch up pricing.

Any Version pre 2009 £1,850.00 + VAT

Any Version pre 2010 £1,500.00 + VAT

Any 2010 Version at least 9.050 £1,350.00 + VAT

Any 2010 Version 9.060 £1,150.00 + VAT

Any 2011 Version 9.070 £ 950.00 + VAT

 Replacement CD’s

If you need to set up STi© again you must use your original installation CD – There will be a service charge of £15.00 for the reissuance of a registration key.

If you have not kept your updates to bring your STi© up to the version to match your database support will be charged as in “Telephone support” for all time taken issuing releases and assisting in the re-initialisation of the STi© software to match your database.

Please remember if you do not know what version you are running we will have to ascertain that from your database layouts and that takes time.

If you have lost your installation CD then the only service we offer is replacement with the latest version and an update of your database to match that version as per the “Updates” prices above.