If you are a busy theatrical or entertainment agent who's office is constantly bottlenecked by paperwork like contracts, confirmations, invoices etc. waiting to be processed, then you will be pleased to know that you have found a software package written and designed especially for your business. Agencies save literally weeks every year in administration time by using STi.Net© and then turn that extra time into creating more business. STi.Net© is currently being developed using the latest technology Microsoft has to offer. watch this web page for the release date of STi.Net©.   


What STi.Net© will do for you.

  • Stores  acts, agents, clients, venues & contacts
  • Stores acts audio (MP3), photo (JPG/JPEG) and video (MPG, AVI & WMF)
  • Allows up to 3 stage names for each act (linked to 1 diary)
  • Small and Large format act C.V. with or without photo
  • Act - Client, Act - Venue, Client - Act & Venue - Act Mismatch
  • Allows bookings to be entered and contracts printed
  • Automatically checks every aspect of a booking as you enter it and issues warnings in case of discrepencies
  • Gives personal diaries for acts and venues, viewable in calendar, daily, monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly format
  • Quick find previous performances in act & venue diary
  • User definable colours in diary for personal preferences
  • Block Bookings, Door Takes and Nett Cards included
  • Books "Commission", "Booking Fee" "Invoice Management" and "Nett" bookings
  • User definable list diaries for acts, agents, clients, reps and venues
  • Analyse or export any data you are viewing in the list diary.
  • Batch schedule prints & itinerary prints for acts, agents, clients & venues from viewed period in list diary
  • Batch email of schedules from list diary in HTML format
  • Automatically allocates in house commissions to reps
  • Finds and stores maps for venues
  • Allows the storage of venue photos and synopsis
  • Venue synopsis prints with photos 
  • Terms of business printout and tracking
  • Confirmation printouts and tracking
  • Contract printouts and tracking
  • Cancellation printouts and tracking
  • Quotation printouts and tracking
  • Print "Free Act(s) Dates" with photos for postage, fax or email
  • All documents produced can be easily viewed on screen and reprinted exported,  emailed or faxed
  • Act, Agent Client & Venue Schedule printouts
  • Posters in A4, A3, Super A3 & A2 sizes
  • Email integrated (MAPI)
  • Act availability information
  • Act -Venue, Venue - Act, Act - Client and Client - Act mismatch information
  • Venue entertainment planner
  • Data can be exported for website update.
  • Accounts are assimilated from your diaries,  then invoice and credit reports (or ASCII files) are produced for manual entry into your own accounts system
  • Invoiced items are separated onto "Client Account & Business Account invoices. 
  • Bookings are then marked as invoiced
  • Send the assimilated accounts into Sage Line50 Accountant Plus Versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 2007 using the integrated STiSDO .Net interface.





What will I need to use STi.Net© ?

To use STi.Net© you will need a minimum system requirement of a Pentium or AMD Dual core processor 2Gbytes of random access memory.

The total installation size of STi.Net© is 500Mbytes so you would need at least 5Gbytes of free hard disk space.

The minimum required operating system is Windows 2000.

STi© will run on Windows 2000, Windows XP & Windows Vista in either 32bit or 64 bit versions.

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Contact:     Martin Fannon
Telephone:  0113 264 2694

The content of this site, including but not limited to the text and images herein and their arrangement are copyright © 1997-2007. The names shown within the marketing and advertising of  STi© are fictional, any similarity to actual persons living or dead is unintentional.