If you are a busy theatrical or entertainment agent whose office is constantly bottlenecked by paperwork like contracts, confirmations, posters, invoices etc. waiting to be processed, then you will be pleased to know that you have found a software package written and designed especially for your business. Agencies save literally weeks every year in administration time by using STi© and then turn that extra time into creating more business.

Full on board help, YouTube Channel, Online and telephone support available Monday to Thursday 09:30 - 17:00 Friday between 09:30 - 16:00 U.K. time, excluding public and bank holidays.  

   STi© (StarTurn International©) is the Windows based version of the UK's best selling theatrical agency software system - StarTurn.

 STi© (StarTurn International©) is already used by over 300 bookers in the UK alone.

 STi© (StarTurn International©) is a 32bit application written in Visual C++.

 STi© (StarTurn International©) has 400 reports on the standard StarTurn International installation.

 STi© (StarTurn International©) has onboard help

 STi© (StarTurn International©) has help videos on our YouTube channel MLC4STi.

Full list of help videos available on this YouTube Link

From March 2016 STi© is being rewritten on the .net 4.5 platform and will be a 64bit application using SQL or SQL express.

The new product will be named STii© Studio.

What STi© will do for you.

  • GDPR Compliance
  • TAPI 2 enabled to link  to a TAPI telephone system
  • Automated link to Google calendars
  • Automated SMS messaging
  • Automated SMS schedules to Acts
  • SMS reply to your mobile, your email or any other email option included
  • SMS Text Campaign from StarTurn or import CSV files form other software for automated text campaign
  • Up to 918 Characters delivered as 1 message to a mobile
  • e-signature option for Contracts, Confirmation, Cancellations, Letters & Terms Of Business via Signable
  • ProDub, PAT & Public Liability Insurance numbers & valid until fields in act record
  • Automated email schedules to Acts, Agents, Clients & Venues in HTML & CSV format
  • Stores acts, agents, clients, contacts & venues
  • Stores acts audio (MP3), photo (JPG/JPEG) and video (MPG, AVI, WMF & QT)
  • The option to create independent folders within StarTurn for all records and files associated with that record can be saved and easily accessed.
  • The option to creates independent folders within StarTurn for all bookings so files associated with that booking may be saved and easily accessed.
  • The option to get a route between the act home address and venue within each booking.
  • Allows up to 16 stage names for each act (linked to 1 diary and 1 account)
  • Allows you to link acts who occasionally perform together so when booking any of these acts you can immediately see if any are working on the same date.
  • Small and Large format act C.V. with or without photo
  • Act - Client, Act - Venue, Client - Act & Venue - Act Mismatch
  • Act - Client, Act - Venue, Client - Act & Venue - Act Reminder for next time booked
  • Allows bookings to be entered and contracts printed
  • Allows storage and attachment for individual act riders
  • Automatically checks every aspect of a booking as you enter it and issues warnings in case of discrepancies
  • Option to store link to Act or Venue online diary that is shared with you.
  • Gives personal diaries for acts and venues, viewable in calendar, daily, monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly format
  • Quick find previous performances in act & venue diary
  • User definable colours in diary for personal preferences
  • Noted dates option from toolbox to set religious and public holidays which emboldens those dates in the act and venue diaries
  • Single, Block, From - To, Door Take, Venue Must Book, Provisional, Nett Card, Charity & Showcase booking types included
  • Books "Commission", "Booking Fee" "Invoice Management" and "Nett" bookings
  • Booking control to show acts available and venues requiring an act. Select a venue select an act and book.
  • Booking control route available between an act's home address and a venue once a pair are selected to check the distance before you book.
  • User definable list diaries for acts, agents, clients, reps and venues
  • Analyse or export any data you are viewing in the list diary
  • Batch schedule prints & itinerary prints for acts, agents, clients & venues from viewed period in list diary
  • Batch email of schedules from list diary in HTML format
  • Automatically allocates in house commissions to reps
  • Finds and stores maps for venues
  • Allows the storage of venue photos and synopsis
  • Venue synopsis prints with photos 
  • Terms of business printout and tracking
  • Confirmation printouts and tracking
  • Contract printouts and tracking
  • Cancellation printouts and tracking
  • Quotation printouts and tracking
  • Booking Analysis printouts showing profits best customers, best clients, productivity of booker, HMRC Template Form EA00860 and many, many more
  • Print "Free Act(s) Dates" with photos for postage, fax or email
  • All documents produced can be easily viewed on screen and reprinted exported or emailed
  • Act, Agent Client & Venue Schedule printouts
  • Posters in A4, A3, Super A3 & A2 sizes
  • Email integrated (MAPI)
  • Act availability information
  • Venue entertainment planner
  • Venue proximity warning
  • Task feature with pop up reminders and sound
  • Set a task automatically with a booking
  • Easy backup and restore of database and company data
  • Data can be exported for website update
  • Accounts are assimilated from your bookings, then invoice and credit reports (or ASCII files) are produced for manual entry into your own accounts system
  • Invoiced items are separated onto "Client Account & Business Account invoices. 
  • Bookings are then marked as invoiced
  • 400 reports installed as standard
  • Send the accounts into Sage Line50 Accountant Versions 11 through 2020 using the integrated STiSDO.Net interface.
  • API interface for Xero Accounts
  • CSV exports for Dream & Exchequer accounts software.






What will I need to use StarTurn International© ?

To use STi© you will need a minimum system requirement of an Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor or greater with 8Gbytes of random access memory.

The total installation size of STi© is 336Mbytes so you would need at least 2Gb of free hard disk space.

The minimum required operating system is Windows 7.

STi© will run on Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 10 & Windows 11.

For full functionality Windows 10 or later is required.

For a Microsoft server install:- 12Gb of RAM is sufficient for up to 4 remote users each additional 2 users we would recommend a 4Gb upgrade.


The new STi©.II is currently being developed, release will be mid to late 2022. This is a free upgrade to all our support paying customers, guaranteeing you Microsoft compatibility until 2030.

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