StarTurn User Downloads - Last updated 03 March 2006

These downloads are for "Support and Update" paying customers only.

If you load or download an update for StarTurn, then you must have purchased a current "Support and Update" contract. If you load a release or update or you accept support via any medium after your "Support and Update" contract has expired then you are deemed to have accepted a new "Support and Update" contract. Your liability is for the cost of  a "Support and Update" contract from the date your last "Support and Update" contract lapsed up to the end date of the "Support and Update" contract relevant to the release or update you have downloaded.

This page is for StarTurn support paying customers only.
If you have not paid for 2003 support then DO NOT load anything from this page as your StarTurn system will stop working.
Measures are in place to prevent software theft.
If you are in doubt then please contact StarTurn support on
0870 233 0859.

Do you have a Network?
If you have a network you should carry out this procedure after any update from Mainline computers
whether via the Internet or by post. Go to every workstation and follow these instructions.

1. From the StarTurn main menu select option 0 (The Dos Shell).
2. From the DOS prompt type DISTRIB and then press return.
3. When the screen says Complete type EXIT and press return.
4. You should now be back at the StarTurn main menu.

The new DTi Regulations.
Mainline Computers LTD will be sending all StarTurn support paying customers some new programs to assist you to comply with the new regulations in early June 2004 once testing is completed.

Other Downloadable Utilities
These are extra utilities for StarTurn. You do not need to download any of them unless instructed
to do so by support.

Buildled.bat Download (0.4Kb)
Rebuild.exe Download (174.6Kb)
hpljiv Download (19.7Kb)
hpljii Download (19.7Kb)
hpdj850c Download (16.0Kb)
hpljiids Download (16.4Kb)
kxp4400 Download (19.7kB)
oki400ex Download (19.7Kb)
hpdj500c Download (16.0Kb)
sharpgdi Download (16.4Kb)
camk100 Download (19.8Kb)
hpdj8502 Download (16.0Kb)
hpdj8504 Download (16.0Kb)
Epson Download (15.1Kb)

dddtddmm Download (18.6Kb) Repairs subscript out of range on         31 December 2004 
Rebuild Download Rebuild - Allows the rebuilding of Starturn files
LHA Download LHA.EXE

For technical support phone 0870 233 0859 during office hours or email