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10 April 02 Reflex Entertainments Act photo's to be included in Posters 8.07
18 April 02 Cambrian Column sort on accounts step 2


23 April 02


Nett Cards


05 June 02

Starlite Entertainments

Addition of Reps


06 June 02 Reflex Entertainments Venue directions report with map 8.07

07 June 02

Bourne Leisure

Option to print provisional bookings on batch confirmations



16 June 02

Cambrian Entertainments

Auto reconcile non VAT Acts


06 Aug 02

Starlite Entertainments

Representative features


16 Sep 02

Reflex Entertainments

Landscape A4 Address


17 Sept 02


Itinerary to be added to bookings


 18 Sept 02

Mainline Computers

Upgrade STi engine to MSJET 4


 18 Sept 02

Mainline Computers

Upgrade Database to Access 2000


1 October 02 Starlite Entertainments Calendar Print


8 October 02 Multi-Media Payment type for equipment hiring 8.07
20 October 02 Starlite Entertainmenrts  Multi Company  8.08
19 Nov 02 Yorkshire Entertainments Advertising Entry Section


20 Dec 02 Announcement of STi2


Development started 


Full RTF Features in STi2.

 STi2 will be "Com" compliant based on Win32 and uses ATL, WTL and "OLEDB" technologies. STi2 will be totally thread safe.


Proposed release date

Autumn 2006

14 Jan 03 Bourne Leisure Reprint  8.084
10 Feb 03 Dukeries PACT Certificate Fields 8.084
10 Feb 03 Dukeries Artiste Vacancy Lists 9.010
10 Feb 03 Dukeries Public Liability Fields 8.084
10 Feb 03 Dukeries Terms of Business Issued Field 8.084
10 Feb 03 Dukeries New Confirmation Notes field and auto insert into Confirmations. 8.084
10 Feb 2003 Cambrian Web site entry and link 8.084
16 April 03 Bourne Leisure Improvement in Print Speed for Confirmations and Schedules 8.085
16 June 03 Mainline Development Improvement in Speed and flexibility of the "Diary Wizard"  8.086
18 Aug 03 Graham Platts Option to Update the Agreement made automatically in booking form when converting a booking from a must book to a full booking   8.089
14 Aug 03 Bourne Leisure Viewing booking from diary Default List diary layout view to be used.  8.089
01 Sep 03 Dukeries Artiste accounts text sent into Sage with fee, commission & NPU (if applicable) 8.089b
15 Sep 03 Mainline Development New Print options from list diary for booking analysis 8.090
15 Sep 03 Mainline Development New Print options from booking to allow questionnaire to be sent to venue or client asking your questions to ascertain how the performance went. 8.090
15 Sep 03 Anfield Agency Logged on STi user name to be the default in the "Address Labels" batch  8.090
09 Oct 03 Anfield Agency Print Address labels by type


11 Dec 03 Starlite Entertainments Pick Up Total, Non Pick Up Total & Total Owed To Act to be added to the Act NettCard Viewer.   9.011
12 Dec 03 Mainline Development Sage Interface for Sage versions 7, 8, 9 & 10


Interface for Sage 11.

Released on Version 9.016a

to be Released on Version 9.017

13 Dec 03 Graham Platts Management Cancelled date search option in List Diary 9.012
09 Mar 04 Big Bang Management Invoice Now facility in booking to allow choice of Invoice date 9.012
18 Mar 04 Peller Artistes Multiple stage names to appear on one line in "Free Act Report" 9.012
12 Mar 04 Henderson Management Block dates to be included in cancellation letters. 9.012
12 Mar 04 H. M. Government New regulations regarding the invoicing of NPU bookings Proposed release


12/07/04 Peller Artistes New booking type for bookings where the fee depends on a share of the door take. 9.016a
15/07/04 Live Music Management When selecting the name of an Act, Agent, Client, Contact or Venue anywhere in the STi system PgUP, PgDn, End and Down arrows to function 9.016a
16/08/04 Shout & Live Music Management Verbal confirm on block booking. To ask verbally confirm "This booking or all bookings in the block". 9.016a
18/08/04 Cambrian STi to remember the closing position of all windows and to reopen in the same position 9.016a
31/08/04 Mainline Development Tool tip on "booking icon" to confirm the type of booking you have selected. 9.016a
01/09/04 Lothian New Ticker In Clients for "Private Client". This will then remove the Client Name from all prints if the client is a private individual and only use the contact name. Proposed Release 9.018
01/09/04 Mainline development STi to make a backup copy of database into backup folder automatically upon "Transfer to Accounts" 9.016a
01/09/04 Live Music Management

Yorkshire Entertainment

New columns for List diary  9.017
02/09/04 Shout Date range in Free Act print using Day Month & Year rather than just Month and Year. Proposed Release 9.017x
02/09/04 Mainline Development New user defined poster definition type in Venue to be a new filter in the Diary wizard. Proposed Release 9.018
02/09/04 Shout A report to show all the Purchase invoices retained in STi  Proposed Release 9.017x
22/09/04 Mainline Development Extend database for new fields requested. 9.017x
22/09/04 Mainline Development 3 user defined types in Act, Agent, Client & Venue for prints and list diary. Proposed Release 9.018
07/12/04 Yorkshire Entertainments STi to put the booking reference number into purchase invoices automatically sent to Sage on the invoice run.. Proposed Release 9.017x
10/12/04 Lawrence Wheeler Agency Reprint from/to function in Contract factory Proposed Release 9.017x
07/12/04 Yorkshire Entertainments STi to put the booking reference number into purchase invoices automatically sent to Sage on the invoice run.. Proposed Release 9.017x
07/12/04 Lawrence Wheeler Agency Select Single Act or Single Management from Contract factory Proposed Release 9.018

STi Reports are all being amended to use RTF documents. Microsoft Wordpad does not support Word 6. 

All request after 01/04/05 will be added to STi Studio.